July 25-27, RollHall SkatePark, Moscow

Rollerclub CUP 2014

Rollerсlub and the Federation of Roller Sports present the largest international slalom contest in Russia 2014, which will be held on July, 25-27 at "RollHoll" skatepark


1. Speed slalom;
2. Freestyle slalom Battle;
3. Freestyle slalom, classic performances;
4. Slides;


1. Junior women (years of birth 2000-2009);
2. Junior men (years of birth 2000-2009);
3. Women;
4. Men;

Competition schedule: 

Friday, July, 25
10:00 Check-in and warm up
11:00 Freestyle classic junior, women
12:00 Freestyle classic junior, men
14:00 Speed slalom, qualification (juniors)
14:30 Speed slalom, qualification (senior women)
16:30 Speed slalom, qualification (senior men)
18:00 Speed slalom, finals (juniors)
19:00 Speed slalom, finals (seniors women) top 16
20:00 Speed slalom, finals (seniors men) top 16
Saturday, July, 26
10:00 Check-in for all competitors in senior freestyle classic
11:00 Freestyle classic, qualification (senior women)
12:30 Freestyle classic, qualification (senior men)
15:00 Freestyle classic, final top 20 (senior women)
17:00 Freestyle classic, final top 20 (senior men)
19:00 Slides
Sunday, July, 27
10:00 Check-in for all competitors in freestyle battle
11:00 Freestyle battle, prequalification, qualification (women)
 - Freestyle battle, prequalification, qualification (men)
Freestyle battle, finals (women)
Freestyle battle, finals (men)
19:00 End of competition

Please, fill the registration form for competitors

For geting visa  please fill the application form. To prepare your invitaion we need passport scanned copy, dates of staying in Russia, your club or federation details (name, addres, phone number) and city of Russian consulate in your country. If you have any question about visa and accomodation please contact Goga ( goga_rc(at)hotmail.com ).  We will accept your applications till July 5th only, because visa process takes a lot of time.